Nature is our shared responsibility

During the entire process, HD NordicTrees would like to show the greatest possible respect for nature.

HD NordicTrees strives to maintain the greatest possible respect for nature throughout the entire process. As green professionals, we celebrate every new initiative where technologically enhanced cultivation leads to a reduction in the use of chemicals and fuel oil etc.

We encourage our Danish producers to seek certification, via e.g. GLOBALG.A.P., which documents that trees have been cultivated with consideration for nature and the environment.

Several of our new cultivation systems have

Several of our new cultivation systems have been equipped so that cleaning is executed with a shielded sprayer and very low dosages so that the tree itself does not receive the treatment.

When transporting we ensure as far as possible that trees are loaded directly at the site of production and thereafter transported directly to the point of sale. Using as little fuel as possible and products are spared unnecessary handling en route.

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